Discover the Beauty of Scotland – Isle of Skye (Part 2)

It was still non stop rain on the second day of our tour, despite my continuous prayer and rain dance (haha). Gary (tour guide), jokingly told us that this is the “Ultimate Scottish Experience” that you need to encounter once in Scotland, your tour won’t be complete without the rain. Anyway, the first activity for the day should have been a 1.5 hour boat ride from Elgol to Loch Coruisk, where we will cruise and spot some sea animals. But due to weather conditions, we went to Dunvegan Castle instead, which is the seat of MacCleod clan. Before we reach the castle, we made a short stop at the Fairy Bridge for some photos.

The Bridge and the foggy surroundings.
The view from the left side of the bridge.
View from the right side of the bridge

Upon reaching the castle, we made our way inside first. Taking pictures is prohibited inside, since the owners still live there until now.

Dunvegan Castle – The structure of the castle does not look very majestic to me, but I admire the surroundings. The castle also offer seal boat trips, loch (lake) cruise and fishing trips within its area, if the weather is fine.


The small waterfall near the castle.

Afterwards, we proceed to Portree. We were given plenty of time to go around the place and to eat lunch.

Portree Harbour with the fishing boats.
Colorful houses in Portree Harbour

Our next destination was the Skye Museum of Island Life, it was a long ride going there. This museum shows how people live in Skye before thru the small preserved cottages.

One of the cottages. It resembles the houses in Batanes.
The Old Smithy House. Each cottage are set up like this, complete with mannequins and items.

Then we were off to Kilt Rock, which is a sea cliff. It was named as such because they said it resembles to a kilt, the traditional dress of Scottish men and boys. We’ve also seen a waterfall, which was really stunning.


We then drove going to a site to see the Old Man of Storr, a large pointed piece of rock that stands high. Unfortunately, it was foggy that time, so no sight of this famous rock.

On our way back, we spotted a beautiful waterfall. This is not included on our itinerary, but the guide gave us 10 minutes to stroll and take pictures.

This is a waterfall but it does not look like one on this pic.
On the other side of the road, across the waterfall is this stunning view..

It was already around 7pm when the coach dropped us off to our accommodation.

This concludes the second tour day. If only the sun was shining during this time, I bet our pictures will not look like the one I’ve posted here. We enjoyed the tour anyway, despite the very bad weather.

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For more information on the opening times and ticketing prices of some attractions, please click on the links below.

Dunvegan Castle

Skye Museum of Island Life



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