What to Expect on your Titanic Belfast Experience?

I always keep on saying that Titanic has been one of my favorite movies. Well it is true, that is why I really got so excited when we went to the Titanic Museum last year during our visit to Belfast, Northern Ireland. Not sure if I’m just dumb, but I only learned that Titanic was built in this city when I was researching on the activities to do there. Anyway, here are some of the pictures of what we have seen and explored inside. 

The escalators going up, the lobby and the information on what you will see on each level.

Upon your entrance at the Titanic Belfast experience, the first section mainly shows the lives of the people living in Belfast during that time, which led to the creation of Titanic.

The Shipyard Ride – a six seater mini car ride which takes visitors on a ride through a recreation of a shipyard which moves through a scale replica of Titanics enormous rudder. (Wikipedia)

Replica of Titanic

Some clips on the Launch of Titanic. The one on the left was shown in the movie.


A 360-degree computer-generated tour around Titanic through all the levels of the vessel, from the engine room to the dining saloons and the bridge (Wikipedia). This was my favorite part of the whole Titanic experience.

The three classes of cabin in Titanic. It even got videos and holograms.

Portrayal of the Titanic sinking, complete with background sounds.


Replica of the lifeboats used to evacuate the passengers.

Exploration of Titanic.


SS Nomadic – original tender ship to the Titanic. It transported first and second class passengers coming from the shallow dockside in Cherbourg out to the Titanic.


A tour to the Titanic Museum is a must if your are visiting the city of Belfast, especially for those who are curious or fascinated with the story of this famous ship. I had great time exploring, the only comment I would like to make is that the Museum does not have proper markings on where you will go next.

What you Need to Know:

  1. Tickets can be bought online or inside the Museum. We bought it there and didn’t encountered any queue.
  2.  There are restaurants where you can have your lunch or snack. A souvenir shop can also be found on the ground floor. I suggest buying your Titanic souvenirs here as it may be hard to find stores outside that sells them.
  3. You can get there by bus or taxi. We used taxi most of the time, as it is more convenient and cheaper (if compared to taxi fares in London), since we were a group of four.
  4. For more information on the opening hours and ticket prices, please click here.


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