My First Afternoon Tea | Lobby Lounge, Ritz Carlton Hotel Doha

This was my first time to go inside the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Doha. Actually, I got lost finding my way to the entrance, but that’s a different story. When I arrived, I immediately went to the Lobby Lounge to meet my friend since we will be having an afternoon tea. This was also my first time (another first) to try an afternoon tea, so I really don’t know what to expect. 

We made a reservation the day before since according to their website, advance booking is essential. After saying my name to the person in charge, we were given a table for 2 persons. It was kinda small, especially if you will be served with a tier of pastries, but they put another small table on the side, so everything went well. Then they handed us over a one page menu which mainly shows the pastries included on the afternoon tea, as well as your choice of either a tea or  a coffee which does not have a wide variety, and not refillable. I opted for the peppermint tea, since the first that I’ve chosen was not available that time.

While waiting for our orders, we can’t help but admire the beautiful and classy set up of the lounge. The service we received from all of the staff was just excellent and outstanding. They are always smiling and kept on asking us what we need.


Our orders arrived in a 3 tier pastry tower. It comes with scones on top, sweet desserts on the middle and sandwiches at the bottom. They also gave jam, cream and lemon spread, which I totally loved. I tasted all the food that was served to us. Everything was good, although nothing really special nor exceptional on the taste. What stood out for me were the macaron, scones (because I put the cream and lemon spread), bread with smoked salmon and the small chocolate cake. As for the tea, well it just taste like the usual peppermint twinings tea that I drink. I would appreciate it more I guess, if it is refillable.


Since this was my first afternoon tea, I cannot compare the experience yet with what the other places are offering. But I enjoyed the whole time that we were there. It is pricey for just tea and pastries, but what you are paying for here is the lovely and classy ambience, plus of course the location which is in a 5 star hotel.

There’s a piano on the side, but nobody was playing when we were there.

This afternoon tea is recommended if you want to hang out or catch up with your girlfriends, if you are having a casual business meeting or if you just simply want to be by yourself. I guess the guys won’t really appreciate this type of thing (let me know on the comment section below, if I am wrong guys. haha. 😄)

Expense Breakdown: 

I know I should not be commenting about this afternoon tea being too expensive, because we only paid QAR 130 ($ 36) for 2 persons. We used an entertainer voucher for this so the total bill was discounted. But if we didn’t have one, we will be paying QAR 260 ($ 72), which I consider pricey.

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