Chopsticks Restaurant | Wyndham Grand Regency Hotel Doha

It was another Thursday night, when Tep and I were looking for some place to eat after attending a mass. I was craving for some salmon sashimi that time, so I checked my Entertainer Qatar App to look for some Asian restaurants. Since it was a Thursday night, we thought that most people will be out dining, so I’ve called the places before going, to check if they can still accommodate us. It didn’t surprise me that most of them were fully booked. While driving, we passed by the Wyndham Grand Regency Hotel Doha, and I’ve remembered that there’s an asian restaurant there called Chopsticks, since we’ve been there before.

I didn’t call them nor make any reservations. We just went and upon our arrival, we immediately proceed inside because there was nobody in the reception area. Then, a lady approached us and lead us to a non-smoking table. If I remember it right, there were only 5 tables occupied that time. When we were settled, they handed us over a huge menu.  There are a lot of food varieties to choose from, but we opted to get prawn tempura, black bean beef, Chopstick fried rice and of course the salmon sashimi. While we were waiting for our orders, they served us some crackers.

Crackers with 3 sauces

The asian atmosphere can be felt all over because of the red and black color motif, as well as the oriental design and decorations everywhere. Although the place looks a little bit worn out for me, I don’t know if it is because of the dim lighting or it is just their set up.

This was the chair that you will see upon entrance.

It took a while for our orders to be served, considering that there were not a lot of guests that time. The food were good, though nothing really special except for the Chopstick fried rice, which Tep enjoyed. I was also surprised with the prawn tempura, since they initially told us that they serve only 3 pcs. for each order, but they gave us 4 pcs. instead, plus the size is bigger compared to other restaurants.

During that night, there was a singer performing and asking the guests for some song requests. She is very nice and friendly. They also have a photographer, who goes from one table to another, asking the guests if they want a photo. This will be printed right away and serves as a souvenir. We didn’t get it, since we already have one during our previous visit. All the other staffs were nice, they keep on checking us if we still need something and ask us if we were satisfied with the food.

I had a great time, considering all the cons I’ve mentioned above. But I must admit that my previous visit was better.

Expense Breakdown:

Their drinks are quite pricey, just look at the softdrinks at QR 25 each.









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