A Fusion of Eastern and Western Cuisines | Teatro, City Centre Rotana Doha

Last week, I attended a bridal shower of a friend held at Teatro Restaurant in City Center Rotana Doha. Whenever I visit  a restaurant located inside a hotel, I always make it a point to check their menus and read some reviews, so I will know what to expect once I am there. But I made this an exception, because I was just invited to this event.

Upon arrival, I was in awe of the beautiful, classy and theatrical set up of the place. The dim lightings complement very well with the elegant designs and decorations, which makes it a great spot for romantic dinners. The charming performance of the pianist also contributed greatly to the already stylish ambience of this place.

We reserved a private space on the corner of the restaurant. It was just too bad that threaded curtains are the only cover that separates us from the rest, meaning we can’t do something naughty and kinky (remember, this is a bridal shower.. haha). Anyway, we appreciated very much their effort of putting designs all over to make it look like a bridal shower.

As for the food, we decided to get the sharing set menu priced at QR 210 per person. This is their best seller and highly recommended menu for large group of guests since it already have all their signature dishes. Aside from that, we also ordered a wine and some mocktails. I was surprised to know that this restaurant offers wide selection of Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Indian and Thai cuisine. So whenever you are craving for different types of food, then this is a good place to go.

While waiting for our orders, they served us our drinks and some crackers. I don’t know if I was just hungry that time, but I enjoyed eating the crackers which goes really well with the special sauce.

I got the Akira mocktail which is a combination of lychee juice, lemon and wild mint.

Afterwards, our foods were served in the following sequence.

Act 1 – Appetizers: Assorted sushi and maki platter; Bangkok green papaya salad with prawns, crushed peanuts and tamarind dressing; Vegetable spring roll with sweet chili sauce; and Steamed dim sum with shrimp and chicken, soya dips (failed to take a photo of this)

Act 2 – Main Course: Nori seaweed salmon with wasabi potato and miso ponzu glazed; Thai green chicken curry with eggplant and sweet basil; Wok fried black pepper beef noodles; Teatro lamb sheekh kabab; Medallion beef tenderloin, green bean, baby carrot and beef jus; and unlimited steamed jasmine rice.

Grand Finale – Desserts: Big Show is the restaurant’s favorite dessert tasting platter composed of ice cream mochi, lemongrass creme brûlée, gelato, green tea cake, dulce de leche and banana wontons, iced watermelon and lychees, and various fruits.

We enjoyed devouring all the food that was served to us. I guess all the ladies present that time will definitely agree with me when I say that everything was tasty and palatable. Actually we consumed everything except for the lamb sheekh kabab, since all of us were not a fan of lamb meat. This particular set menu already features the different cuisines that the restaurant offers.

The event will not be as awesome as it is without the excellent service of the staff. Everyone seems to be very accommodating with everything that we need. It started of course with the set up of the spot, then they offered to take our pictures using their camera since we didn’t have one, they went around and served us food, and of course their effort of greeting the soon to be bride.

We had a wonderful time and I bet this will be a memorable and unforgettable event for the bride. I cannot wait to go back and try the other meals that they offer.

P.S.:  Before the event, the restaurant sent us a list of their menus. Based on that, the set meal that we chose should already include beverages such as water, juices and soft drinks, but these were not offered to us. I just learned about this when I revisited the email while doing this blog. Anyway, my friend emailed them and inquired. They immediately responded and apologized to her for sending us the wrong menu (the drinks were not really included). In order for us to not feel bad about this mistake, they promised to give us complimentary mocktails on our next visit, which I think is a sweet gesture from them.

For more information about the restaurant’s offers and promotions, you can visit their website.

Teatro - City Centre Rotana Doha Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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