A Quiet Spot in the Middle of the City | Cafe # 999

Every now and then, I always see to it that I revisit our Entertainer Qatar App to check out some restaurants that we haven’t tried yet. While browsing, I stumbled upon this place called Cafe # 999. Immediately, I researched about it and its location.

I was able to convince Tep to have our Friday dinner at this newly found place. It is situated at the old fire station in the middle of the city.

When we arrived, we went straight to the counter where you will make and pay for your order. Their menu doesn’t really have a wide selection, but they do offer camel meat burger and sujuk burger, which I was not very brave to try that time. I’ve observed that their menu list is just posted at the wall of the counter, this might result to the area being crowded with customers who are trying to look into it. I hope they will also provide menu that they can hand over to the customers to avoid this. We chose to order the 999 burger (with beef meat), mushroom macaroni gratin pasta, avocado green tea smoothie and blueberry cheesecake. According to one of the staffs, these are some of their best sellers. We were given a number, then after a few minutes of waiting, they served it to our table.

These are some of the meals displayed at the counter.

We were not impressed with the pasta as it tasted bland, that’s why we have to flavor it with more salt and pepper. As for the 999 burger, the meat patty was tender and the guacamole spread made a difference. A crispy and tasty fries is also included in every burger meal.

The avocado green tea smoothie would have been perfect if they didn’t put a lot of mint on it, still I was able to gulped it down. Their blueberry cheesecake is something that every guest should try. It is yummy, it got fresh blueberries, plus it do have the sour and sweet taste that I am always looking for in a cheesecake.

The restaurant has a cozy and modern set up. It got a quiet and serene atmosphere, which makes it a great place to hangout with family and friends. Children can run and play around the open space next to the restaurant, though it can be a bit dark at night.  They have a nice outdoor seating as well which is perfect for the cold weather right now. There’s also a food truck nearby where customers can order food and drinks for takeaway.

We had a great time dining at this cafe, though I find it a little pricey considering that the serving size and taste of the food were just average. The service was good, and all the staff were very courteous and accommodating. Hopefully on our next visit, I can try one of the coffees or teas on their menu.

P.S.: We saved a total of QR 38 since we used an Entertainer voucher.

*Cafe # 999 is open from Sat. to Thurs. at 8:00am to 11:00pm, and from 2:00pm to 11:00 pm every Friday. It is located within the old fire station near the Civil Defense signal.


Café #999 Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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