Friday Brunch at Yee Wha Restaurant Doha

We were supposed to have a Friday Brunch at a different restaurant offering a unique theme, however it was fully booked when I tried to call them the day prior. While thinking of where to go instead, my friend suggested to have it at Yee Hwa Restaurant. Since I’m always craving for Korean and Japanese cuisines, I agreed right away. I’ve tried eating here before and I am always satisfied with the food and the service, but this will be the first time that I am going to try their Friday Brunch Buffet. 

Upon our arrival, I was surprised to see that only one table was occupied and my name was the only one on the list, which is very unusual for this restaurant as it easily gets booked out on normal days. Later on, people came in but not all the tables were filled up.

The place was quiet and serene during the time that we were there, compared to the loud, cheerful and smoky atmosphere on ordinary days. By the way, the smoke comes from the Korean BBQ grill and shabu shabu, which I always wanted to do when dining here. Sadly, it’s not included on their brunch.

The buffet tables were spread out at the corner beside the reception. Food choices were not a lot if compared to other Friday Brunch Buffets in Doha, but considering that the price is only QR 123 per person, then it is enough and reasonable.

Before I started to get some food, I took pictures and checked the dishes one by one. I noticed that they don’t have labels, meaning the customers will have to guess or call a staff just to know the name of a certain dish. I hope next time they will put at least small name tags or menu list so the customers will know what they are eating.

There are various appetizers and salads to choose from or you can start your meal with a hot bowl of miso soup. They also have Jap Chae, Pa Jeon (green onion pancake) and spring rolls with noodles inside (I dont know the name). Tep loved the spring rolls so much the reason why he ate a lot of it, while I enjoyed the kimchi, peanuts with small dried fish and Pa Jeon.

As always, I love their salmon sashimi as it taste fresh and firm. The quality of the sushi served were still good, despite being on a buffet. Though I got a little sad with the sushi choices. Don’t get me wrong, it is already a lot considering the price that we paid, but I was expecting for more. This is one of the restaurants that serves the best sushi in Doha (according to my taste), and it’s a bit disappointing not to see at least one of those “best.”

I already felt full after consuming some appetizers and sushi, but I still tried some of the hot food. They have around 6 selections and all of it were good and tasty, but what stood out for me were the beef bulgogi and Topokki (rice cake). As for my friends, they love the fried chicken wings.

The buffet includes two desserts. There’s a chocolate cake, which just taste fine, and a fruit platter.

All in all, we had a wonderful experience at this brunch buffet. The staff were accommodating, which is very usual at this place. I will definitely keep on coming back to dine at this restaurant, but I might make second thoughts regarding going back for brunch. My reasons? Because I love their “best” sushi, their Korean BBQ grill and all the other dishes on their menu, which is not included on the buffet. But for people who are just craving for some Japanese and Korean taste, then this brunch is for you.

The price is at QR 123 per person, drinks not included.  

The Friday Brunch Buffet runs from 12:00 to 3:00 pm.

They said that reservation is required, but as I mentioned above, there were not a lot of guests when we were there.

Location: Ground Floor, Doha Downtown Hotel Apartment, Al Kinana Street, Al Nasr, Doha

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