Orient Pearl Restaurant Doha

This restaurant is located opposite the office where I used to work three years ago. During that time, they were still constructing this place, and most of us were very excited to dine here since it is new in the area. However, when they finally opened, we heard and read a lot of good and bad reviews. Sadly, the bad comments took the best of us, so we prolong our decision to try eating here, until I resigned at that company. 

Last weekend while we were on our way to the Church, we passed by this brightly lighted restaurant. Suddenly, I felt the urge once again to dine here. Good thing, it is now included in the Entertainer Qatar App, so this means we can get discounts. Upon knowing this, I immediately phoned them and made a reservation.

When we arrived, we were impressed with it’s stylish and luxurious set up. The ambience is middle eastern, it also got a touch of classy modern style, due to the elegant hue of the walls, vibrant lights and it’s exquisite interior design. They offer indoor and outdoor seating, and they have smoking and non smoking areas. Located outside were the colorful dancing fountain, which entertains most of the guests and a big television screen where guests can watch football.

The restaurant serves both Arabic and Italian cuisines. We chose to order the latter, as that’s what we were craving for. For the main entree, Tep and I got Grilled Rib Eye steak and Tagliatelle Frutti Di Mare while our friends ordered Grilled chicken and Seafood risotto. I tried their pomegranate juice while Tep got Tango Cocktail (combination of apple and kiwi) for the drinks. While waiting for our orders, they served some soft and fluffy bread with butter and hummus. We liked it, that’s why we asked for more.

The steak was soft, juicy and tasty, we wanted it medium well, and that’s what we got. It came with mashed potato and salad. The tagliatelle on the other hand just tasted average, it didn’t have a lot of seafood on it. Our friends enjoyed their meals, though they didn’t brag about it, so I guess the taste was just fine.

The pomegranate juice was good, a little bitter though, but I think that’s how it should really taste. Our friend ordered peach iced tea. We initially thought that this would be a brewed iced tea, as the price is QR 25. When it was served, we got disappointed since it was just the canned Lipton peach iced tea. We also sampled some of their desserts. My friends loved the tiramisu because of its rich coffee flavor. I’m not a fan of it, so I can’t really tell if it is good or not, though I like it. The blueberry cheesecake was tasty and sweet, but the serving was small.

Most of the guests opted to stay and dine outside that time because the weather was pleasant. Only few tables were occupied inside, but there were still a lot of staffs to assist the guests who chose to dine here. Everyone was courteous and accommodating. The service was nice, though it took time when we asked for our bill. The meals are quite pricey, if not for the Entertainer Qatar voucher, we will be spending over QR 500. I guess what you are paying for here is the lovely ambience since the food is just average. We still had a wonderful time though.

We saved a total of QR 180 since we used 2 Entertainer Qatar vouchers.

The restaurant is located at Corniche St., Old Salata, Doha.

They are open everyday from 12:00PM to 1:00AM.

For reservation, you may contact them at 44106666, or you can visit their website for more information.

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