Spreading Kindness on My First Instameet | Worldwide Instameet 15 | Souq Waqif and Doha Marriott Hotel

KINDNESS. According to Google, it is the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate. Each of us may have our own meaning and interpretation about this word since it is very easy to define. But this simple word, if we understand it correctly and done it whole-heartedly, may have a long lasting and life changing effect to other people. 

Last March 25 to 26, 2017, the Instagram community held it’s worldwide Instameet 15 with the theme Kindness. But wait, what is an Instameet? That was also my question when I first encountered this word through a post on Instagram about inviting people to attend this event. Based on Instagram’s website, it is a group of Instagrammers meeting up to take photos, shoot videos, share tips and tricks and explore new places; it can happen anywhere and in any size. (I thought that was cool, so I signed up.)

The Instameet 15 here in Doha was held at Souq Waqif last March 25. Each of us were given “kindness” cards which will be handed over to random people that we will meet along the way, explaining to them how we can spread kindness in our own little ways. While doing this, we took photos and videos, then shared it on our Instagram accounts, in order to let all the people become aware of how much the world can be a better and perfect place if we will just be kind to one another. It was an on and off rain that day, but that didn’t stopped us from achieving our goals, as we were able to spread kindness, meet people, capture memories and of course enjoy.

The Kindness Cards

With some of the people and kitties we met. I joined Katee and Loi during this activity.

The event didn’t stop there, as Doha Marriott Hotel was kind enough to provide snacks and drinks to the participants at their Salsa Restaurant. Boards were also set up so everyone can write on what kindness mean to them.

At the Salsa Restaurant

The Kindess boards

Yummy snacks and drinks

It was a fun filled event and I was so happy that I decided to go since I was already having second thoughts because of the moody weather that day.

I hope this is just the beginning of our initiatives to spread kindness, as I believe that we can do it everyday in our own simple ways. Smile at random people, say hello, say thank you, give a sincere compliment and the list goes on. You might never know how this small and simple acts can make someone else’s day.

Thank you to Doha Marriott Hotel for having us and to Mo for organizing this event. I had a great time meeting all of you and it was a memorable first Instameet for me. Till next time. Keep on spreading kindness and love.

The awesome instagrammers who participated. Photo credits to Jay.

PS.: If you want to see more photos and videos about this Worldwide event, head over to your Instagram account and check out the following hashtags: #WWIM15#WWIM15MI#WWIM15Doha and #InstameetMarriott.

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