Crossing Borders | How to Travel Between Georgia and Armenia?

Despite being both located in the Caucasus Region, Georgia and Armenia are two countries that offers different travel experience among its tourists and visitors. These countries are adjacent to each other and the distance between its capital cities Tbilisi (Georgia) and Yerevan (Armenia) is only 286 km, thus the reason why a lot of travelers usually opt to do land trips and visit these two places. 

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According to my research and to some people who I have asked, there are different modes of transportation available to cross these two countries. You can either ride a mashrutka (term for mini bus), rent a private vehicle, catch a bus or try an overnight train. During our trip, we decided to go with the first two since these are more convenient and would entail lesser travel time.

Tbilisi, Georgia to Yerevan, Armenia by Mashrutka

It was around 8:00 in the morning when the taxi dropped us at the Ortachala Station in Tblisi to ride a mashrutka going to Yerevan. Despite the articles that I have read saying “you have to ride at the bottom part of the bus station and not on the surface parking,” we still did what we should have not done. The fare for a regular mashrutka is priced at GEL 30 (USD 12), but since we didn’t follow what we have been told, we paid a bit more. This mode of transportation is usually available from 8:00am to 11:00 am and they leave once they filled up. In our case, the vehicle got full after an hour.

The mashrutka or mini bus that we rode. Make sure to ride on a vehicle with the sign Epebah, it is the Russian term for Yerevan.

We drove for almost an hour before we arrived at Sadakhlo, the exit point for Georgia. We went down with our passports, have it stamped and went back to the vehicle. The whole process only took less than 20 minutes, they were fast and they don’t check the bags upon your exit. This area also have a restroom and a duty-free, which you can use and visit before proceeding to Armenia.

Approaching Sadakhlo. They don’t allow taking pictures once you’re in the border.

After passing through a bridge, which is the border of the two countries, we finally arrived at Bagratashen, the entry point for Armenia. This time, we went down together with all of our luggage. We went inside and instantly saw the window with the sign “Visa.” Since Tep and I are Filipinos, we need to get a visa on arrival before proceeding to the immigration. We didn’t filled up any form, we just handed them the passport, paid AMD 3,000 (USD 6.22) and they printed and stamped the visa on our passports. I would suggest having an exact Armenian currency on hand, since they don’t accept other currencies. But in case you don’t have any, go to the exchange booth or use the ATM which are both available at the border. It took us almost an hour to complete the process, since the lines were long because the immigration officers scrutinized all of us thoroughly.

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The travel time between the two countries usually takes around 5 to 6 hours, which you can actually enjoy because of the beautiful sceneries that you will pass by. We made two stop overs to use the loo and to buy some snacks. I believe it was nearly 4:00pm when we reached Yerevan in Armenia and the driver dropped us at the city center.

Note to drivers: Cows crossing. This was the scene on our way to Armenia. 

See the beautiful scenery? 

Note: The mashrutka that we rode was spacious and have enough room for our luggage. I have heard that the regular ones have limited space for baggage, so I guess this is also what you have to consider in case you have big and bulky bags when you travel.

Yerevan, Armenia to Tbilisi, Georgia by Private Vehicle

After spending 3 days in Armenia, we went back to Georgia, but this time we hired a private vehicle to take us there since we wanted to visit some places along the way. In my previous posts, I have already mentioned about our driver named Artur, well he is the one we hired for this particular trip and we paid him AMD 50,000 (USD 100).

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We left our accommodation around 9:00 am. Before bidding goodbye to Armenia, we made few stops at the following must see attractions and here they are:

Ararat Charent’s Arch – the place where you can see great views of Mt. Ararat.

Temple of Garni – the only surviving Pagan Temple in Armenia


Geghard Monastery – a monastery partly carved out of the mountain. It is listed as a  UNESCO World Heritage site. 

Sevanavank and Lake Sevan

It was already close to 5:00 pm when we reached the border to exit Armenia. The process was easier and faster this time. Upon our arrival to the border of Georgia, we presented our passports and Qatar ID. We are residents of Qatar, thus we don’t need a visa once we enter Georgia. As far as I can remember, we brought our luggage with us for security checking.

Artur dropped us at the Ortachala (Bus) Station in Tbilisi around past 6:00pm. From the station, we rode a taxi going to our hotel.

Both of our trips went smooth. I would recommend going on a private vehicle if you will be doing a one way trip and you have somebody with you, as some of the famous places in Armenia are on the way. But, if you will be doing a back and forth trip, I recommend doing what we did or you may consider trying the overnight train. If you would like to know more information about the overnight train, this post by Seat 61 would be really helpful.

What you Need to Know?

  1. Be careful when dealing with some drivers in Georgia and Armenia. Some of them may charge more once they knew that you are a tourist.
  2. Make sure that you acquire the necessary visa or travel document for Georgia and Armenia, based on your passport or residency.
  3. Bring some snacks during your trip.

Have you tried crossing between Georgia and Armenia? Let me know your experience by commenting down below.

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51 thoughts on “Crossing Borders | How to Travel Between Georgia and Armenia?

    1. Hello Gian! If both of you are Filipino passport holders and both are NOT a gcc resident or DON’T have a US tourist visa, you should both secure an evisa.. Check on how you can get it..


      1. Thanks for the reply. We’re not a gcc resident nor have US tourist visa. Can you recommend a travel insurance for our e-visa processing for Georgia? TIA


      2. Hello Gian! If coming from the Philippines, I usually buy my travel insurance online from Malayan Insurance.. Other travel bloggers also buy from World Nomads, though I haven’t tried it yet..


  1. Thanks for sharing such a very detailed blog! We will be going straight to Georgia from Yerevan on our day of arrival and this post saved me from doing further research.

    Just in case one of your followers would read this comment and would be travelling to Armenia and Georgia on the week of April 8-15, mt freind and I will also be there. If you would like to join us (for cheaper cost on tours) feel free to contact me at


  2. Hi, thanks for this post Ms. MI 🙂

    Just would like to ask if we can exit and enter Georgia on the same day? We will have visa on arrival (UAE residents) and we plan to have one-day Armenia tour from Georgia. So we will leave early morning and come back in the evening. Will there be no issue or are we going to pay again to enter Georgia?


    1. Hello Ai!! I think you can enter and exit Georgia on the same day.. Not sure if you need to pay for a visa, since I know that GCC residents don’t need to pay for their visa in Georgia, but you need to pay for your visa in Armenia.. In order to be sure, that there won’t be any issue, try to ask from the travel agency where you will get your tours.. Enjoy.. Hope this helps..


  3. We are an OFW here in Doha and we want to travel to Georgia and Armenia and after that we want exit at ARmenia to DOHA is that possible? Thanks


      1. Hello Ms. MI,

        Confirm ko lang po. Kapag po ganito ung gagawin like Mr. Lucas, before departing from Qatar, 1 airticket from Qatar to Georgia and 1 separate airticket from Armenia to Qatar ang dapat meron? Wala na po bang hihingin na documents ung Armenian Airport from Georgia? Also, saan po kayo kumuha ng Travel Insurance here in Qatar? Thank you!


      2. Hello! During our time, they didn’t request for any other documents.. Maybe you should prepare all of those in case they ask for it.. For travel insurance, we usually get ours from AXA, they have a branch located at the lower ground floor of City Center.


  4. We just go deported from Georgia airport for no reason,I was with my sister and my girlfriend..they interview random people before the stamp on the immigration..basic interviews only..a guy interviewed us all three together..after that they let my GF pass through and me and my sister was denied..we try asking the reason..they do not give us any..along with us are other was so scary..we got back to the plane that we rode to get there..we were all stunned and cannot believe what really happened..I hope it will not happen to other people..not a good experience for us..when we arrived at Dubai..we ask what happened,and people from Flydubai told us that it happens everyday..some Americans,British..also got deported..we were all drained since yesterday..


    1. Hello Carlos!! Sorry to hear about your experience of getting deported from Georgia.. I’ve been hearing stories about Indian Nationals getting deported, but for Filipinos, this was the first time.. Are all of you GCC residents?


  5. Hello we three family members, Indian passport and UAE visa want to travel Georgia 3 days and Armenia 3 days from Dubai. Just guide me what document I need to go to Armenia yerevin from Tbilisi while crossing border by land. Also tell me whether I can fly from Dubai to Tbilisi and on return I can fly yerevin to Dubai. Give an idea of cost for Taxi for going Georgia to yerevin by land and visa fees and documents required. Regards dwijottam Chattopadhyay from UAE Whatsapp 00971-544487137


    1. Hello!! I am sorry, but I am not sure with the documents that you need to present to the immigration when crossing border, since it depends on your nationality.. maybe you need to check with a travel agency or check the immigration website of Georgia and Armenia.. Regarding the cost, I have written a separate blog about it, which you can find under Travel, Georgia menu.. Thank you..


      1. Good Day… Miss Maria, ako po si Wyndel. Plan ko po kc magtravel from Dammam to Armenia and by train going to Georgia. 3 days in Armenia and 2 days in Georgia po ung plan ko. May masa-sugegstpo ba kyong Hotel in Armenia and Georgia. And mas ok po ba ung by Car or train ung travel from Armenia to Georgia. Isa lang po ako mgtatravel. Maraming Salamat po.


      2. Hello Wyndel!! We stayed in Hotel Four Brothers in Georgia, while in Armenia we stayed at Apricot Studios.. Actually it is better to travel by car, because the travel time is shorter compared if you will travel by train.. If you will be by yourself, I would recommend riding the mashrutkas, as it is cheaper..


  6. Hi Ms. Mi Thank you for this amazing blog, i want to ask if my mom can travel to georgia but she dont have QID only a family visit visa. What will be the process on obtaining her a visa?


    1. Hi Vicky!! Glad to hear that you find this blog useful.. You may also check out the other blogs about our itinerary and expenses incurred during our trip.. Enjoy your vacay in Georgia and Armenia..


  7. HI Maria,

    I m Indian holding an UAE resident visa, and v r planning to georgia and Armenia this month,
    Do we need any travel insurance


  8. Hi Mi,

    Hope you are well! I’m filipino working in KSA! I like to ask few questions bcuz i am planning to visit Georgia (3 days in Tbilisi then move to Yerevan by land for 2-3 days).

    1) Visa to Georgia for filipinos are on arrival?
    2) Is “insurance” is required from KSA?
    3) You recommended mashrutka back to Tbilisi from Yerevan if alone, right? Is Mashrutka will stop also to the attractions while on the way to Tbilisi?
    4) When returning to Tbilisi from Yerevan, the entry visa obtained on arrivalin Tbilisi is the same would be used to enter after the tour from Yerevan?

    Look forward to have your response at your earliest convenience.


    1. Hello Willy. Regarding your questions:

      1. All I know is if a Filipino is a GCC resident, then you can get a visa on arrival.. But it is better to check this website just to be on the safe side.
      2. Yes, they said insurance is required now..
      3. Mashrutkas are public transportation, so I guess it will not stop on the attractions mentioned above..
      4. When we entered Georgia from Armenia, we just presented our passports and our Qatar ID.. Not sure if it is the same visa as the one we obtained when we arrived..

      I hope this helps.. Enjoy your vacation..


      1. Hi MI,

        Hope you are well! I have another questions if you wont mind. How you move around to see the top attractions in Tbilisi? Did you take tour package from the hotel you stayed? Similarly, when you were in Armenia, how you move around Armenia to the top attractions?

        My plan of 5days (2days Tbilisi + 2days Yerevan and 1 day allocated for land travel to&from Armenia) still on and hope to go in February because i wish to experience snow!

        Please give me some ideas. Thank you!


      2. Hello Willy.. We took a tour package from travel agencies in Georgia.. For those within the city, we moved around by bus or taxi.. In Armenia, we hired transportation to get us to various attractions.. You may check out some of the articles that I have written here on the blog.. I have mentioned the names of the agencies and their contact info..


  9. Dear Maria

    I am from India and plans to travel from Armenia to Georgia

    Is the immigration office at the road border at Armenia – Georgia border opened for 24 hours? Is there any specific timing?

    In terms of hotel booking, if we are coming from Armenia to Georgia for 10 days, do I have to show them hotel booking for all 10 days or only for the immediate day



    1. Hello Ravi! I believe they are open 24 hours.. During our travel, we didn’t show any hotel bookings.. But to be on the safe side, have all your documents handy in case it will be asked from you..


  10. Hi. Your post is very informative and gelpful. We are going to Georgia and hopefully cross Armenia with my husband, 2 toddlers (all of us are GCC residents), and my sister who is on tourist visa. We already bought evisa for her to enter Georgia. It will be a 9-day trip altogether. I hope you can help us with a couple of things;

    1. What destinations can you recommend for a group with toddlers?

    2. My sister applied for a multiple entry visa. Won’t it be a problem if we cross Armenia and back to Georgia again? Is the immigration not as unpredictable as in the Philippines?

    Thank you!


    1. Hello Rizelle! Thank you for finding the blog informative and helpful. Regarding your questions.
      1. Did you get a tour for your trip to Georgia and Armenia? If yes, maybe you can ask them for toddler friendly destinations.. Most of the places that we have visited on these two countries have great sceneries and involves nature, some places might also need you to hike or climb stairs.. I have written a separate blog about our itinerary, hope you can check it out and assess whether the destinations we have been to would interest your toddlers..
      2. I guess that is fine as long as she have a multiple entry visa and you are fully equipped with the necessary documents. We didn’t encountered any problems with regards to the entry and exit on the two countries, but again what we have experienced may not be the same as with the other travellers, so I cannot really answer your question as to whether their immigration is predictable or not..

      Hope this helps..


  11. Hello, our flight tickets are DOH-TBS-DOH, then meron kaming trip to Armenia for 3 days. do you think we will have a problem kaya when reentering TBS for our flight back to Doha?


    1. Hello.. We didn’t encountered any problem during our trip.. Our flight tickets were also the same as yours and we did a side trip to Armenia.. Just make sure that you have the visa and all the necessary documents that they may ask from you..


  12. Hi Ms. Maria, thank you for your detailed info. May I ask, meron po bang mga private cars offering hatid service from Tbilisi (Marshrutska terminal) to Yerevan? May nakausap kasi akong Pinoy, mag minibus daw sana sila going to Yerevan pero may nag offer daw sa kanilang car na nasa terminal din since pabalik din daw sya doon, and ang mura lang ng singil sa kanila. We are planning to go there kasi on January and kasama ko yung 2 year old daughter ko. I guess private car is more convenient for us, pero sana may mag offer ng budget friendly.

    *If ever may makabasa ng comment ko and gusto makishare sa amin sa taxi, we will be traveling from Georgia to Yerevan on January 4 or 5. Me, my brother and daughter. Siguro pwede pa kami magsabay ng couple para share na lang sa pamasahe, you may email me at 🙂 Thank you!


    1. Hello Mamcha. Yes, there are private cars offering that. But I guess you need to be careful because sometimes, they may charge you more. Maybe you can arrange for a private transport ahead of time to some travel agencies.


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