Travel Blog Link Up List | Where to Find Them and How to Participate?

Being a newbie in the blogosphere, one of the issues that I usually face is not having the right amount of traffic on my blog. Often times, I am on the verge of giving up because I feel that despite writing good posts, it can only reach few potential readers. Due to this, I’ve tried reading various articles on how to properly draw attention to every blog post that I write. One of the ways suggested is by participating at blog link ups, as this would not only drive traffic to your site but would also connect you to other bloggers on your chosen niche. 

What is a Blog Link Up?

A blog link up, also known as link parties, is a weekly, monthly or one time event that a blogger or group of bloggers host on their blogs. It is not really a party where you will have food and drinks, but more of a platform where other bloggers can share their awesome posts relevant to the link up theme and engage to other bloggers as well.

Points to Remember when Linking your Blog 

  • Before participating on every blog link up, you have to check and abide by the guidelines set by the hosts which you can see on their website. On the list below, you may click on the names of the hosts and it will automatically bring you to their site.
  • Make sure to add the link up badge on every post that you will share. The short codes for the badge are usually found on the hosts’ website side bar or on their actual link up post.
  • Blog link up is a way to connect to other bloggers on your niche, so once you participated, try to engage. This means that you have to visit the blogs shared by others and try to give an honest comment. If ever you received a comment from others, please make sure to respond.
  • Share the posts that you like on your social media and use the blog link up hashtag.
  • Try to link up early. I’m not sure if it is true, but based on my observation, the earlier you link up, the more engagement you can get.
  • Don’t spam, link only one post per event.
  • Make sure that you put the link on your blog post and not your home page.

Now that you have an idea on what you need to do, here’s the list. I’ve intentionally did this list to keep me aware on the link up schedule, but I thought of doing it on a post instead so other travel bloggers can also benefit from it.

Schedule and List of Travel Blog Link Ups


1.Monday Escapes

Extraordinary Chaos
The Monday Escapes Badge


1.City Tripping

  • Hosted by Wander Mum and Mummy Travels.
  • Go live every Tuesday morning until Thursday and will alternate between the two hosts.
  • Your post must be about any travel related experiences in a city.
Wander Mum
The City Tripping Badge
2.Our World Tuesday
  • Hosted by Our World Tuesday Meme
  • Go live every Tuesday.
  • You can share any post about the places or the area around you.

Our World Tuesday Badge


1.Wanderful Wednesday

Wanderful Wednesday Badge

2.Outdoor Wednesday

  • Hosted by A Southern Daydreamer.
  • Go live every Wednesday.
  • You can share a post with photos of anything outdoors. It can be something outside your house such as your garden, lawn or porch; or post about the beach, forests or mountains.

Outdoor Wednesday Badge


1.Travel Photo Thursday
Budget Travelers Sandbox

Travel Photo Thursday Badge

2.Faraway Files

Untold Morsels
Faraway Files Badge


1. The Weekly Postcard

Travel Notes & Beyond

The Weekly Postcard Badge


1.Sundays in My City

  • Hosted by By Claudya
  • Go live every Sunday.
  • You can share any post related to the city, town or suburb where you live.

Sundays In My City

Sundays in my City Badge


1.Monthly Travel Link Up

  • Hosted by Follow your SunshineAdventures of a London KiwiSilver Spoon London and one guest host.
  • Go live every first week (from 1st until the 7th) of the month.
  • You can link up any blog post as long as it is relevant to the monthly topic (varies every month). Their topics are usually announced via email or on the hosts’ twitter accounts.

2. Bebe Voyage Family Travel Link Up

  • Hosted by Bebe Voyage.
  • Go live from 1st to 15th of every month.
  • You can share your blog post, old or new, as long as it involves traveling with children.
Bébé Voyage
Bebe Voyage Family Travel Link Up Badge


There you go guys. I hope that you will find this list helpful. Always remember to engage whenever you shared a post on a link up.

P.S.: I will try to update this list every now and then. If you know of a travel blog link up which I failed to include on this list or you know other information on those that I have listed, you can email me at

Note: Some photos were taken from Pixabay.

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