A Guide On Filling Up Your Japan Tourist Visa Application Form

Whatever season it may be, Japan has always been a top tourist destination, not only for Filipinos, but also for most nationalities. That is why, I didn’t wonder, when my blog regarding Japan tourist visa application has been the most viewed one among all my articles when this year started. Apart from that, I have been receiving a lot of questions lately from you, readers, particularly regarding the requirements and how to fill up the application form. 

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Sadly, there were some inquiries that I really cannot address, because whatever I advise or write in here is purely based on my experience and on the knowledge that I gained from the experience of others. I always try my best to respond to all your questions, but every now and then, you might encounter me telling you to consult or call the embassy, since I don’t want to give you false information.

Anyway, the real reason for this follow up blog post is to address your queries on how to fill up your Japan tourist visa application form. I have provided a sample and some explanations below on how I did mine. Hope this will help. Let’s now begin.

Some Guidelines before Filling up the Form:

  • Click this link to download and print the application form.
  • The information that you will write on the form should be clear and readable.
  • Make your passport, air ticket and hotel bookings and other necessary documents handy, since you will be needing certain information from these when filling up the form.
  • If there are certain questions on the form that are not applicable to you, just put N/A or not applicable.
  • All information provided should be accurate and correct. Giving false or misleading information may subject you to getting denied.

Filling Up the Form:


1. Photo – Your photo should be pasted and not stapled. It should also be clear, identifiable and taken within the last 3 months. You can have it in gray, blue or white background.

2. Surname, Given and Middle Names – The names as shown on your passport. Make sure to write your surname in capitalized letters.

3. Other Names – Any other names that you have been known. In my case, I put my maiden name.

4. ID No. issued to you by your government – I did not write my Qatar ID number here since it says that the ID should be issued by my government. Instead, I filled this up with my Philippine Driver’s License Number. You may indicate here any other IDs issued to you by your government. For Filipinos, you may write your Driver’s license ID, PRC ID, SSS ID or any other ID.

5. Place of Issue and Issuing Authority – This information can be seen on your passport.

6. Purpose of Visit to Japan – Indicate your travel purpose here, whether it is for tourism, to visit relatives, to attend a seminar or others.

7. Names and Addresses with whom the applicant intends to stay – If you will be staying in two or more hotels, and you think you can put all of that on the space provided on the form, then you can do so. In my case, we stayed in 2 accommodations and I only indicated on the form the information of the first place where we stayed. To be honest, I am not sure if that is correct, but I was able to get a visa. All the information of the other accommodation was written on my Schedule of Stay form, which is also one of the requirements in getting your visa.

8. Dates and duration of previous stays in Japan – Specify here if you have stayed in Japan previously.

9. Current residential address – I have written my current residential address here in Qatar. I didn’t specify my permanent address in the Philippines anymore.  

10. Current profession, name and address of employer – Indicate your current occupation and the information of your employer. 

11. Guarantor or reference in Japan – Provide all the needed information of your guarantor or reference in Japan. I didn’t have a guarantor, so I just put “Not Applicable.”

12. Inviter in Japan – If your inviter is the same as your guarantor, you may put “same as above,” otherwise, provide all the details. If you have none, just put “Not Applicable.”  

13. Remarks / Special circumstances – Some says you can indicate here if you want to request for a multiple entry visa. I did that on my form, but the Embassy still gave me a single entry visa. 

14. Answer the questions as honest as possible and provide details if you answered yes to any of them.

15. Date of Application – date when you will apply

16. Signature of Applicant – your signature. If the applicant is a minor, the parents or legal representative can sign on their behalf. You also have to indicate your relationship to the minor.  

There you go. I hope this will help you in filling up your forms. Kindly note that before I completed my form, I have also checked out how the other bloggers filled up their own. This is just a guide, the Embassy may still require you to specify more information on your forms. If you still have questions, you may email me or comment down below.

Note: The application form is only one of the requirements in applying for a Japan tourist visa. For the list of requirements, click on this link. You may also check out my post on How to Successfully Get a Japan Tourist Visa in Qatar by visiting this page.

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23 thoughts on “A Guide On Filling Up Your Japan Tourist Visa Application Form

  1. Hi Mi,
    Thank you for this helpful post! i would just like to ask, if you know whether TIN id is acceptable for #4 (other IDs issued by the gov’t? thank you!


  2. Hi! 🙂 I came across your blog while looking for Japan visa application tips and I found it VERY helpful! (I was finally able to finish answering our app form without being anxious) Although I do have some questions.. I’m a fresh graduate and currently unemployed. We booked our flights recently and we’ll be going to Tokyo in Oct for 5 days. She will sponsor me in this trip as this would serve as my graduation gift. Could you give me any advice on what I should do or present in order to relay that to the consul? It’s going to be our first time in Japan though we’ve been to other countries like Korea. Hope you could reply soon! 🙂


  3. Hi! Can i ask po if paano kapag self employed ka like nag tutuitor ka ng bata .. kailangn pa bang ilagay yun? 🙂 Thankyou. ☺️


  4. For number 4, government ID. I have a UMID ID from SSS, which number should I use: the SSS ID number or the UMID number that starts with CRN?


      1. I’m going for tourism, so I don’t have inviter or guarantor? Is it fine if I put non-applicable?


  5. Hello!!!na offload po ako twice na Kasi un sponsor ko friend Lang?now my question is possible po ba akong makaalis kng Ang relative ko magsponsor sa akin?and they same Visa pa Rin Ang aking gagamitin?my Visa is about to expire na kasi.kaya Sana plan ko aalisan ko xia Bago mag expired pero this time relative ko na Ang sponsor ko?


  6. Hi Maria, I’m just confused sa kung ano ilalagay under Name and Address of Employer since I’m currently self-employed. Do I need to put my business name or just put N/A? Also samin kasi ng husband ko yun business pero sakin nakapangalan. Pwede ko bang ipasa yun same docs para sa min dalawa?


  7. Great blog! I am about to apply for Japan visa here in Dubai. I would like to know if length of service to the company matters. I actually joined to a new company in july 2018 but they stamped my visa just this feb. 2019.


  8. Hi! this is lame question but… did you use the pdf file downloaded online? If yes, how were you able to write ‘Not applicable’ for “other nationalities or citizenships”. I’m given a list and “Not Applicable’ is not part of it. Thank you so much.


  9. Hello! Your post came very handy while we were preparing docs for visa application, thank you!

    Though would be nice of you to add information regarding filling application form for children. Like “Occupation” may be “Child” (for kindergarten age) or “Pupil” (for school age) and address and tel of school must be provided accordingly.



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