Wilderness Exploration at Umm Tais, Qatar

Last November 30, 2018, Tep and I, together with our friends, joined a tour called the Wilderness Exploration at Umm Tais. This particular tour was hosted by Qatar Natural History Group and Richer Environment, and headed by Dr. Aspa, a Desert Ecologist.

I was supposed to write a blog about our experience during the tour, but due to a lot of videos that I took when we were there, I decided to make a short clip about it instead, which you can watch below.

It was a fun and informative tour, though it entails a lot of walking. So if you are up for some adventure or you just want to do something new in Qatar, you may check this tour out. For more information, please check the FB page of Qatar Natural History Group and Richer Environment.

Fee: QAR 50/person
What to bring: Water, Food (snack and lunch), Extra clothes, Swim wear, Sunblock, Hat, Towel and Aqua shoes.
What to wear: Comfortable clothes and Swim wear since the water can get up to the waist level.

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