Complete List of Visa Free Countries for Philippine Passport Holders (Visa on Arrival and E-visa Included)

People nowadays are getting so fond of travelling. While it may be easy for some nationalities to travel wherever they want with just their passports, we Filipinos usually face the reality of applying for a visa first before we can explore certain parts of the world. But, do not fret guys, because there are still a lot of amazing countries that Filipinos can go without the need to apply for a visa. 

Just this 2019, the Philippine Passport was ranked at 74th in terms of travel freedom according to Henley Passport Index. There are over 60 countries that Philippine passport holders can visit visa-free. So if you are one of those people who find visa application a hassle and time consuming, read on to know more about the countries where you can go without the need to apply for a visa.

What is a visa? A visa is an endorsement on a passport indicating that the holder is allowed to  enter, leave, or stay for a specified period of time in a country. – Google


Before we go further into the list, let us first define some terms for easy understanding.

  • VISA-FREE – this means that you can enter a country without the need of any visa for a certain period of time, you just have to present your passport. But take note that there are some immigration officers who will ask you questions regarding your trip or tell you to present certain documents before they will allow you to enter the country, so this is something you need to be ready with.
  • VISA ON ARRIVAL (VOA) – this means that you can get a visa upon your arrival to your country of destination, there’s no need for you to apply for it beforehand. There are some instances where you would need to present certain documents or pay a certain amount of money before the immigration officer can give you a visa on your arrival.
  • E-VISA – this is the type of visa that you have to apply online and in most cases, should be done before your trip. Some may need additional documents which you will upload online and some will require you to pay for a visa fee. 
  • VISA REQUIRED – this is the type of visa that you need to apply either to the embassy of the country you are visiting or through a third party company before your trip. There are certain documents that you need to submit and sometimes you need to prove your financial capability in order for you to be approved. 

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So, here are the list of countries grouped per continent for easier reference.


Since Philippines is a member of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), that makes the Filipinos eligible to travel visa free between all the other ASEAN member states.


For Taiwan, the visa free initiative will continue until July 31, 2019, and will be reviewed for extension. Check this link for more information.


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I was surprised to see a lot of African countries on the list. So I guess, you should consider going on a safari trip on your next travel.




There you go guys, I hope this post will help you in planning your travels for this year. The list of visa free countries for Philippine passport holders might be limited compared to other nationalities, but I hope that this will not hinder us from discovering and travelling to new places.

Note: Visa policies may change from time to time and there might be certain requirements or documents that you need to present upon arrival to your destination. Kindly check these with the respective embassies before your trip. 

Disclaimer: Wander with MI will not be responsible in case the reader will be denied of entry on the countries listed above.

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  1. Hi Maria,

    Thanks for the insight on the passport. Glad you mentioned Henley Passport Index. Another useful place to visit is the Arton Global passport ranking. With Arton Global, you can compare passports, know the ranking of each and know which countries are visa-free.


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