Travel Gallery | Garden of Versailles in France

It was in August of 2013 when me, Tep and our friends went for a 14 day Europe tour. Our first country of destination then was France and the first attraction to visit on our itinerary was the Palace of Versailles. Of course, being my first time to set foot in Europe, I was really excited.

As expected, there were a lot of tourists visiting the place when we arrived. We did not anticipate the long queue in order to get inside  the palace, the reason why we were only able to explore its beautiful Garden and the charming Petit Trianon.


This lovely pathway was the first scenery we saw upon entering the Garden

With the Palace as my background


One of the many fountains in the garden

Lots of tourists at the Grand Canal

A closer look of the Grand Canal

The famous Apollo Fountain

Loving this tree lined path

Petit Trianon

The French Pavillion of Petit Trianon

Queen Marie Antoinette’s Hamlet

One full day won’t be enough to visit the whole estate of Versailles. Even though we’ve only visited the Garden and the Petit Trianon, we still enjoyed our time exploring the place. Hopefully, by the next time that we will visit, we will be able to see those areas, such as the Palace or the Grand Trianon, that we didn’t get to see.

Travel Gallery is a segment at Wander with MI wherein the blog post mainly contains photos of places or attractions where I have been to, with a little description based on how I remembered them.  

Palace of Versailles

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