Our Drive Through Booster Shot Experience at the Nayong Pilipino Foundation Vaccination Center

Yey! Finally, we got our booster shot. We had it at the Nayong Pilipino Foundation (NPF) Vaccination Center, where it is drive through. We have been hearing about this place on the news and from some friends.

Tep and I received our 1st and 2nd dose of COVID19 vaccination here at Tagaytay where we’ve been residing since the pandemic started. We actually can get the booster shot here again, but we’ve decided to try the drive through vaccination.

The vaccination center is located at Seaside Drive in Paranaque City. They don’t accept walk ins, that’s why you need to register on their website, if you would like to get your vaccination there. You can schedule your 1st dose, 2nd dose or booster shot.

To register, visit vax.captivate.ph. All the information that you need to know, as well as the requirements that you need to bring on your vaccination day, are already laid out on their website. By the way, you cannot choose the date and time of visit, they will be the one to give you the latest schedule available.

Homepage of their website. Kindly note that an email address is required upon registration.
Take note of the requirements. You need to bring them on your vaccination day.

A few days after your registration, you will receive an email and a text message from EZConsult, where they will tell you about your account with them. It also contains instructions on logging in to their app or website. Afterwards, they will send you the schedule of your vaccination, along with a QR code which you need to present in order to get vaccinated.

We had our vaccination last Jan 17, 2022 at 2:00pm. We were already at the site around 1:20pm, and we were surprised to see a lot of cars lined up. It was at 2:00pm, when we reached the entrance.


The first step is Pre-Registration. Here, they asked for our QR code and scanned it. We also presented our valid government ID and our vaccination card. They also gave us a form, which we filled up while we were lined up for the next step which is the Registration.

Pre-Registration Area
Health Declaration Screening Form. Don’t forget to bring a pen.
Registration Area. They just scanned our QR Codes here again.

Afterwards, we were lined up for the vaccination. While we were waiting, one of their personnels got our forms along with our vaccination cards. I think we waited for another hour to get vaccinated.

We got the Moderna vaccine.

After the vaccination, we waited and parked at the Observation Area for 15 minutes. This is to monitor the reaction of the vaccine to our body, if there are any allergies or adverse effects.

Observation Area.

After 15 minutes, both Tep and I were feeling fine, so we decided to leave.

The Vaccination Site. There were only a few cars lined up when we left. This was around 3:45pm.

We were happy that we finally got our booster shot. A day after our vaccination, both of us got chills, sore arm and low grade fever, which we expected. But this only lasted for one day, except for the sore arm which we had for almost 4 days.

How about you, were you able to get your COVID19 vaccine and booster shot? Share to us your experience on the comment section below.

I’ve also made a vlog about our booster shot experience, you may check it out here.