What to Expect on your Titanic Belfast Experience?

I always keep on saying that Titanic has been one of my favorite movies. Well it is true, that is why I really got so excited when we went to the Titanic Museum last year during our visit to Belfast, Northern Ireland. Not sure if I’m just dumb, but I only learned that Titanic was built in this city when I was researching on the activities to do there. Anyway, here are some of the pictures of what we have seen and explored inside.¬† Continue reading “What to Expect on your Titanic Belfast Experience?”

Our Last Day in Belfast City

When we were preparing our 16 day UK trip itinerary last time, we had an ambitious intention of visiting all the 4 countries, just to say that we went all around UK. Unfortunately, we were on a tight schedule and budget (yes, transportation is very expensive), that is why we did not make it to Wales. Anyway, we scheduled our first weekend to visit the capital and largest city in Northern Ireland, Belfast City. During our first day, we took a Game of Thrones tour which I already shared with you last month on this¬†post. Then, the following day was spent within the city. Continue reading “Our Last Day in Belfast City”

Game of Thrones Experience in Belfast

One of the reasons why I was very interested in taking a trip to Belfast in Northern Ireland, was because some scenes in Game of Thrones has been shot there. So, we reserved a one day tour, Belfast Iron Islands and Stormlands Adventure, from Game of Thrones Tours Ltd. The mode of transportation in Northern Ireland is quite limited, so if you are not going to rent a car nor plan to pay a lot for taxi, then it is advisable to get a tour. Continue reading “Game of Thrones Experience in Belfast”