Business Lunch Buffet at C. Taste, Centro Capital Doha

As defined by most dictionaries, Business Lunch is a midday meal where people merely talk about business matters. But for me, Business Lunch here in Qatar means a way to try out food  in most restaurants at a lower price. 

Last Tuesday, Tep and I were thinking of a place, near my office, where we can have lunch. I’ve tried to browse my Entertainer app and saw the Business Lunch offered by C. Taste Restaurant at Centro Capital Doha. Upon our arrival, I was surprised to learn that they are offering an international buffet instead of the usual course meal.

The Business Lunch Buffet is priced at QAR 75 per person, and here are the dishes included.

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Soup is present, as well as few selection of breads.

The spread of appetizers which includes salads, hummus and other arabic starters. Picture on the right was grabbed from Food Lovers Lifestyle and Events in Doha

Included on the buffet is a Romano Pizza (Photo credits to Food Lovers Lifestyle and Events in Doha). They also serve pasta, your choice of noodles cooked in either red or white sauce. The only ingredients added though are vegetables. If you want to add chicken or strips of beef on your pasta, you can get some from the appetizer table, particularly on the salad section (I hope the management of the restaurant won’t get mad at me because of this advice). 

The buffet table for the main course. During our visit, they were serving Grilled Fish, Roasted Beef, Chicken Thai Curry and a Vegetable dish. There are also side dishes, you can choose between Tomato rice, Plain rice or Potato Wedges.

Grilled Fish and Vegetable dish.

Desserts: They serve fresh fruits such as watermelon and banana. They also have a variety of pastries and sweets that you can try. I personally recommend tiramisu, chocolate pastry and cream puff.

By the way, did I say that water is included on the price? Well, yes it is.


The restaurant has a modern and chic layout. Their space is a bit small, but I didn’t mind this since it was not crowded when we visited. All the staff were accommodating, polite and attentive. The food was good, nothing very special though, but they have a lot of selection considering the price.

Would I return here? Yes, because I would also want to try their Friday Brunch and Thursday Seafood Night.

Price: QAR 75 per person (Business Lunch)

Available every Saturday to Thursday at 12:00 to 3:30 pm

For reservations, you may call them at +974 4477-4448

C.taste - Centro Capital Doha Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.

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